5 Reasons a Power Bank is Vital for 2019

Investing in a Premium Juku Power Bank should be your New Year's Resolution and here's why.  

Everyone's been in the dire situation when they’re at 1% and there are no outlets available. It happens constantly usually at the worst possible time, like when you’re at a concert and can't find your friends.

 In 2019 when your tech is close enough to a third arm, why take the risk?  



Whether you’re in an airport, on a bus or a train having a portable power bank while traveling is a necessity. Travelling can often lead to long journeys with scarce places to plug in your tech. Rather than fighting for an outlet why not sit back and relax with your device. Heavy chargers can also take up space in your backpack especially if you plan to travel light. Our Juku Airlume 10000 is the perfect travel companion for those only bringing the essential as it can not only charge your average device but also the latest MacBooks with its USB-C capability.  



If you’re a serious mobile gamer then portable power is your best friend. Nothing’s worse than being in the middle of an intense adventure on your Nintendo Switch and it suddenly goes dead. Whether you’re using your iPhone or iPad to battle and build Juku power banks have you covered.  



Fear of missing out is a real feeling in 2019. When our phones are one of the main means of communication if it dies then you can miss out on the next big night out. No ones to be watching their friends have fun on Instagram just because they missed the text. Keep your phone charged and your social life lit with one of our portable chargers.  



Your phone can be your only link to the outside world when you're alone. It can be a scary situation if you end up with no battery walking home alone or lost in a city you don’t know. Rather than put yourself at risk having a lightweight power bank like Juku’s Lume 5000  can put your mind at ease. 


As well as being a crucial tech accessory to your social life, a premium power bank can be a necessity for your work-life. There’re not many careers left that don’t involve tech be it a photographer or software developer everyone needs power. Juku’s premium power banks won't let you down when you’re working remotely and need to take that conference call. Check out all our premium power banks here and start your New Year right. 


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