A Quick User Guide to Juku's AirLume 10000 Power Bank

If you've recently purchased a Juku Airlume, you may be excited to find out everything this wireless portable power bank does. Far from your standard power bank, the Airlume features cutting edge technology to make it your one-stop shop for on the go charging and more.

Qi Wireless Charging 

Qi wireless charging allows you to charge a device (like your smartphone) without plugging in a power cable. Our AirLume 10000 Power Bank features this technology, so even on the go, you don't need a cable to charge your device. The advantage of wireless charging is that it’s quicker and easier, you just place your device on top of your Airlume and you will have an instant charge. Our Airlume is compatible with Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhone X, Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8 Plus/S7/S7 Edge, Note 5 and all Qi-enabled devices

If you're looking for a faster charge than the Qi wireless feature then you can always plug into the several ports available, with :

    • 2x USB-A 
    • Micro USB 
    • USB-C






USB-C Power Delivery 

USB-PD charging can charge your smaller device up to 70% faster than standard. This cuts down the time your smartphone or device will have to stay plugged in.

Combined with a USB-C charging cable you can even charge larger devices such as a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, all from a Juku Airlume. This feature is perfect if you need an emergency charge when you're on the go and it offers a charge of 18W for these larger devices




Qualcomm Quick Charge

When paired with compatible devices, a Quick Charge-enabled charger delivers more power, allowing the connected device to charge faster. If your smartphone or iPhone is Quick Charge 3.0-compatible, you can charge up to 80% in just 35 minutes. The Airlume 10000 Power Bank features this fast charging technology and with 2x USB-A QC 3.0 18W fast charging outputs, your device will be charged in no time.


You can learn more about Juku's AirLume 10000 Power Bank here.







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