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Juku Gear creates premium USB cables that are both durable and affordable. Unlike similar products, they are built to last a lifetime and are Apple approved. We have a range of USB cables available and have narrowed down some of our favourites.

3-1 cable


Juku 3-In-1 Charge & Sync Cable 

The Juku Gear 3-In-1 Charge and Sync Cables were created with your needs in mind. Many of us have more than one smartphone or USB device. This cable can be used to charge and sync all of your devices, regardless of the USB type. With different connectors, the Micro USB, Apple Lightning and USB-C, you no longer have to carry a range of cables. You can learn more about our Juku 3-In-1 Charge and Sync Cable here.

lux cable

Juku Lux Lightning Cable 

Our Lux Lightning Cable has Apple MFi certified lightning connector so you never have to worry if it's compatible with any Apple device. Not only is it a premium charge and sync cable it comes in a range of on-trend colours from space grey to rose gold. These colours make it the perfect tech accessory for any of the latest Apple range, matching their style and high-functionality. You can explore the Lux range here.

xl cable



Juku XL Lightning Cable 

The Juku XL Lightning Cable allows you to freedom to charge at your convenience. With our extra long cable, you'll no longer be stuck at an outlet waiting for power. The Juku XL Lightning Cable has a certified Apple lightning connector for a quick charge wherever you are. You can see all the key features of our XL Cable here.




USB-C to USB-C Cable 

From the latest iPhone to the new Galaxy model, the latest generation smartphones are featuring USB-C. Our USB-C to USB-C cable will make that upgrade easy. With a simple but sleek design at an affordable price, it's the premium cable you've been looking for in 2019. You can view our range of USB-C Cables here.


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