Juku Recognised for Excellence by the Irish Design Awards


Juku   has been honoured with an award of excellence during the   20th IDI Irish Design Awards. This is a key event in the Irish design calendar and aims to “recognize, celebrate and promote exemplary design vision in Ireland.” The awards over the past twenty years have uncovered emerging talent and placed a focus on the importance of Irish design in a national and global context.

Previous winners include Logitech and U2 which shows the high caliber of innovative design the awards showcase. Juku has been recognised for the award of universal design for the premium packaging that we place our quality products in.  



Our packaging is a reflection on the original products inside it. Each box has a geometric pattern on the side which is chosen based on what item is inside. For example, if the item is the Juku Rhythms    will have the pattern for audio, while if it was the   Juku Lume 5000 Power Bank    it would have a completely different motif. 

As a brand Juku strives to create a premium but original product every step of the way. Our packaging is the first chance to grab attention to our high fashion technology and we take this opportunity to showcase what’s inside through contemporary design.  

If you’d like to be ahead of the curve with Juku browse our product   here. 

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