Mother's Day Tech Gift Guide

Your Mother deserves the best on Mother's Day and there's no better way to say Happy Mother's Day than with a premium tech accessory. For a tech-savvy Mom, the generic gift of flowers is no match for some Juku Gear. We've narrowed down the best Juku Gear for your Mom, this Mother's Day.



Airlume 10000 Wireless Power Bank 

A portable charger is a    perfect   gift for a Mom who's always on the go. And Juku Gear has the innovative portable charger she needs. The Airlume 10000 uses quick charge technology giving your device a boost in an instant but also has wireless charging capabilities. With USB-C ports it will also pair with any of your Mother’s latest tech. Check out the Juku Airlume 10000 Wireless Power Bank     here      for full   specifications.



Juku 3-In-1 Charge and Sync Cable 

If your Mom loves tech then she'll always have the latest devices but may not always have a cable to fit them all. The Juku 3-In-1 Charge and Sync Cable is the multi-use cable for a Mother who wants to charge and sync all her devices with one durable accessory. You can learn more about our Juku 3-In-1 Charge and Sync Cable here.



Juku Rhythm Bluetooth Earphones 

The Juku Rhythms are the tech gift for the Mom who's always in the gym or hitting the pavement. Ergonomically designed with long-lasting  wireless technology, the rhythms will push any fitness fanatic to the limit.  You can explore our Juku Rhythm range here.


Juku USB-C Multiport Adapter 

The Juku USB-C Multiport Adapter will help your  Mom stay connected this Mother's Day. The Juku USB-C Multiport Adapter will connect last generation devices to the latest in tech using USB-C and USB-A ports. Not only that but it features a 4k video adaptor so that your Mom can mirror or extend her laptop to her TV, monitor or projector in the highest quality. Check out the Juku USB-C Multiport Adapter here.


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