What is USB-C? A Quick Guide

USB-C is set to become the new normal in regards to USB ports, it's increasingly becoming the standard in cutting edge technology from the latest iPad to recently launched smartphones.

But what makes USB-C so different from our current USB ports?



The USB-C cable head is smaller than before and looks similar to our current Micro-USB connectors. It is also reversible, so will connect regardless if you use either end of the cable.


One of the biggest differentiators of the USB-C is that it is truly universal. It will work with smartphones, tablets, laptops, power banks, or anything that traditionally connects via USB, USB-C is also at home across different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, Google and more. This has not been seen before in USB ports.

 Our USB-C cables can offer this versatility with the added bonus of a two-year warranty.



Juku offer's 60 watts or 3 amps of power, USB-C cables can power almost anything. From laptops to large high-resolution monitors, even some printers. Our selection of power banks offers the USB-C port so that you no longer have to carry around a large charger with your device.


USB-C is quickly becoming the new standard for premium technology. Which means that everything it promises — speed, ease of use, universality — can be applied to all sorts of devices. You can explore our USB-C Juku gear here.








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